Game Changing SEO Strategies for Exponential Business Growth

on page seo strategies for business growth

Today, the digital market offers wide business opportunities and it makes sense for businesses to make full use of its potential. This is because more people now use smartphones and computers to shop online. As a result, SEO or Search Engine Optimization can bring in more leads as well as customers. SEO is not some kind of magic, but it does offer greater visibility to a company, better branding, more web traffic and credibility and a higher ROI. These will lead to massive growth and scalability in business and this is why SEO is very important for every online business.

On-page Optimization Tips

We contacted the SEO experts of who provides search engine optimization services at SEO Marketing Singapore,, for some on-page SEO tips on how you can achieve higher ranking in Google for your current website. Take some time to go through the following tips and try applying to your website to improve your website ranking.

1. Keyword and Density

Pick the right search term, which is interesting and relevant to your business in order to show up high on Google search. As for keyword density, Google will penalize a site for abusing this strategy. There is no optimum number of keyword density and it is better to use relevant terms and phrases and different variations of the main keyword, showing Google that you are comprehensively covering the topic.

2. Heading Tags

It is a good idea to put keywords in the header or as a heading tag. The web pages can have a big title as the header and then several other sub-headings all over. This will also be useful for users who want to just skim over the blog, but more importantly, it will show Google what the post is about. The keyword or keyword phrase should be used in one of the sub-headers.

3. Meta Tags/Title Tags

Meta tags are the HTML or the XHTML that is used for providing information about the page. Title Tags are part of Meta tags appearing on the top of the HTML within the <head> section and are rather like the chapter titles in a book. It gives information about the content of the page and is important in an SEO strategy. It will help users in deciding whether to visit the site or not, when making a search. The title tag should contain the main keyword in order to assist the search engine to find out what your page is about. Make the title tag relevant and descriptive of the content, keeping it short and simple with the important words in the beginning.

4. Permalink Structure

When clicking on links, the permalink structure can be viewed as the URL in the address bar on the browser. Bad link structures appear in the form of several lines made up of random letters and number combinations. The structure should be simple and legible, for both search engines and users. The words should be separated by hyphens, and have only important information, using words that summarize the content.

5) Internal/External Links

It is recommended to link the SEO content to other pages of the site internally. You may have to regularly go back to older pages to link them to new content.

As for external links, these are links outside your website. Google depends heavily on these external links in order to measure the quality of your post. If your content is excellent, you will automatically get good links from other sites pointing to yours, but you must also make some effort towards link building by connecting with other site owners in the category and asking them for links.

6) Images – Alt Text

An image can add to the SEO of the page, but make the download size small using the correct compression. It should also have the correct name and the Alt Text for search engines. The image should reflect the post topic and must be given a proper name with the keyword. Images should also be scaled to the minimum file sizes using tools.

Alt tags are added to images to offer descriptive texts if the image cannot be displayed to visitors for some reason. The alt text ensures that the information still reaches the visitor. Alt texts must include the SEO keywords for the page and describe the image.

Game Changers

Search Engine Optimization has become vital for online marketing, so every company should get the benefits while posting content online, whether it is in their blog, their website or in the social media sites. However, it can be a daunting task to run a full-fledged SEO campaign.

The good news is that there are many SEO experts around and can help you get to the #1 spot in Google searches. They are game changers who can help you in link building, social media participation, optimizing keywords and so on. These experts have several years of experience and research in the field and offer enhanced tools and techniques for staying ahead and updated with changes in search engines. They can make your life easy and get your business on the first page of Google and other search engines while you can focus on expanding your business.

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